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Mold Canoe Club has a strong slalom section with paddlers who do it for fun and with paddlers in many ofthe national leagues.

In slalom that challenge is to get down a set the course in the quickest time possible whilst negociating a series of gates that give you penalties if you hit touch them.

We run a series of very popular paddle slaom events during the year which are open for all ages and abilities.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our slalom coaching and events.
Slalom Sessions
Slalom Sessions
...Slalom Paddling.

In 2011 Jonathan and Thomas Abbott became the first brothers to make the GB junior team in different disciplines (Kayak and C1)

Also we have members on the Welsh junior slalom program.

July 2022 23/24

Bala Mill Slalom
Div 2 and 3, with a short course Div 4 Bala Mill Slalom Event, River Tryweryn near Bala.
Contact: Mark Abbott